To address Workplace Health & Safety lapses caused by infectious diseases such as SARS, MERS & more recently, the COVID-19 epidemic, The Euroswift Network has developed the Facial Recognition & Temperature Scanning Gantry Terminal to nip this problem at its fundamentals: Preventing the spread of diseases & viruses by denying access to unhealthy persons or those not wearing face masks. It also helps with Identification & Contact Tracking, making it an all-rounded entry-management device.


• Fully-Integrated, Fully-Automated (No need additional laptops, cameras, manpower)
• Safe Entry (SG Government mandated entry requirement) Ready
• Choose from different configurations: A) W/ Gantry; B) W/O Gantry - Standee Mount; C) W/O Gantry - Countertop Mount; D) W/O Gantry - Wall Mount
• Customizable Entry Management System: Toggle various setting options (Temperature, Mask Wearing, Facial Recognition, etc.) to allow, deny & record entry for all types of users - Staff, Regular Visitors / Suppliers, First-Time Visitors, Visitors with fever, etc.
• Temperature Detection: Infrared body temperature detection only takes a few seconds & can take place between 1 metre to 0.5 metre, with detection most accurate at 0.5 meters. Accuracy deviation of ±0.5 C. Allows automatic alarm function for temperature abnormality
• Facial Recognition: Supports 30,000 face database. The comparison recognition rate is up to 99.7% accurate, even when wearing a mask
• Data & Storage: Choose from 4GB to 32 GB internal storage. Data can be exported onto a nearby storage server or onto a cloud drive
• Operating System: Android-based Operating System with specialized personnel entry management software• Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS
• Add-Ons: Supports various peripheral expansions such as ID card reader, fingerprint reader, two-dimensional code reader, etc. for internal access
• Language: Multi-Language Input & Output
• Delivery & Installation included



Commercial Environments:
Shopping Malls, Retail Stores, Hotels, Restaurants & Cafes (HORECA), Entertainment Outlets, etc.

Public Access Environments:
Hospitals, Transport Terminals, Schools & Private Institutions,Governmental & Civic Buildings, Banks, Libraries, Markets, Places of Worship, Places of Interest, Community Centres, Health & Sports Hubs, etc.

Private Access Environments:
Private Residences, Offices, Industrial Facilities, Military Compounds, etc.


Protect Your Staff. Protect Your Visitors. Protect Your BUSINESS!

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Euroswift Facial Recognition & Temperature Detection Gantry Terminal

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