8 Product Assortments

To help Retailers search for specific Retail Solutions,
we have classified Merchandising Equipment into 8 Core Categories.

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Food Display Merchandising

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Shopfitting Solutions

Our extensive shopfitting capabilities help you to create the ideal in-store atmosphere for shoppers using the most appropriate shopfitting system, from C-Class (Convenience Stores), S-Class (Supermarkets) and H-Class (Hypermarkets) to B-Class (Bespoke) retail spaces.

Fresh & Chilled Merchandising

We offer retail solutions which help you to present the freshest, most wholesome and appetizing display of your fresh and chilled produce, alluring your shoppers’ senses.


Food Display Merchandising

Food merchandising display is a form of art. We offer food display masterpieces which help you to entice shoppers with high quality European-designed crockery that exceed food safety standards!


POP Communications

Communication is the key to success in many business aspects, more so in a self-service retail environment. No matter what messages you intend to convey to your shoppers, be it pricing, promotions or other information, we have the right tools to help you communicate effectively!


On-Shelf Merchandising

Managing your shelving space is important in any retail environment and is especially crucial if you have a wide assortment of products. Keep your merchandise visible,
convenient & attractive with our range of On-Shelf products such as dividers, pushers& rollers to increase your shoppers’ purchasing desire!


Off-Shelf Merchandising

Shoppers love good bargains & promotions.
Our off-shelf display merchandising units help create a “carnival atmosphere” at all times to promote special & impulse buys to your shoppers, while keeping your products organized. They ensure every nook and cranny of your store space is maximized for product merchandising!

Check out one of our champion creations, the DMX - a fully-customizable in-queue merchandising solution guaranteed
to greatly induce impulse purchases!


Operational Equipment

Our range of practical operational equipment helps you to increase efficiency, enhance productivity, reduce space wastage & protect store assets!


Digital Retail Solutions

We are proud to introduce our new range of high-tech products, including state-of-the-art interactive media display which recognizes and targets shoppers according to their demographics, and programmable in-store digital signage which advertises instant promotions!

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