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Shopfitting Solutions
for Stationery Store

Store Type:
Stationery Store

Project Year:

Country / Region:

Euroswift is grateful for the opportunity to participate in this eclectic stationery store's setup, especially in the newly reopened Funan mall.

Featuring the sleek Wood-Look & Black Steel Gondola design of modern Japanese stationery stores, THINK adds its own creative twist, adding Gravity Bins & Scoop Bins into the equation.

Together with efficient merchandising techniques such as Angled & Cascading Shelves, Off-Shelf Promo Display & On-Shelf Organization, the result is an ingenious marriage of gorgeous merchandising & efficient retailing.


Project Range:
• Retail Creations Solutions
  for the entire store (Design & Build)
• Shopfitting Solutions

• On-Shelf Merchandising
• Off-Shelf Merchandising

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