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Total Retail Creations Solutions for
Gourmet Store

Store Type:
Gourmet Store

Project Year:
2016 - 2017

Country / Region:

Situated in an affluent neighbourhood, our client needed to encompass an upmarket, premium atmosphere to position itself as the go-to gourmet supermarket for high-quality, healthy food products and grocery.

The vintage "Farm to Table" ambience is created with an abundance of wood-look elements backed by dark grey "chicken net" shelving gondolas reminiscent of the Au Naturel barn environment.

Project Range:
• Retail Creations Solutions
  for the entire store (Design & Build)
• Shopfitting Solutions
• Fresh & Chilled Merchandising
• Food Display Merchandising
• POP Communications
• On-Shelf Merchandising
• Off-Shelf Merchandising (Includes DMX)
• Operational Equipment

• Custom-made Decor Fixtures

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