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Mr. Thomas Tay, Group CEO

Mr. Thomas Tay has picked up his knowledge & expertise in the Retail Display Solutions arena through his over 15 years of dedicated services with established European innovators & manufacturers to develop their market presence in the Asia Pacific Region.

Armed with the desire to be the Retailers' Creative Workshop, Thomas founded Euroswift Network in 2008, which had since made its presence felt in more than

13 markets throughout.


A visionary with keen business acumen, he loves connecting with people. 

Mr. Randell Tan, Regional Director (Supply Chain)

Mr. Randell Tan is the Regional Supply Chain Director of the Group, overseeing Euroswift’s entire operational workflow, from product development to order fulfilment. His 15 years of experience in managing staff & suppliers have made him a brilliant tactician & decision maker.

Constant exposure to the fast-paced, ever-changing retail climate has honed his pioneering spirit, as he now strives to achieve breakthrough in business & innovation.

Mr. Kenny Lee, Regional Director (Business Development)

Mr. Kenny Lee is the Regional Business Development Director of the Group. He has more than 15 years’ worth of experience in retail development programmes, having worked in one of the largest retail chains in Asia for more than 10 years.

Kenny’s unique corporate perspective gives him exclusive insight of industry developments from conceptualization phase to construction operations. He believes that in today’s rapidly evolving retail landscape, any business decision could make a big difference, and thus, aims to help clients achieve growth & create a positive impact.



Oechsle Display Systeme GmbH

Dalebrook Supplies Ltd.

Dana Industries Inc.

Wise Kitchen Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

McCue Corporation

Sam Bilt Pte. Ltd.

We work closely with global strategic partners to offer the best display
apparatus and solutions to the retail and HORECA industry!

Our strategic alliances with established global manufacturers such as OEK
and from Germany, Dalebrook from UK, McCue from US and Wise from Greater China has allowed us to provide high quality yet cost efficient products to the Asian retail and HORECA industry through Euroswift’s Regional Network.

Our partnership with local interior design firm Sam Bilt is an amalgamation
of interior design prowess & retail expertise, opening up endless
opportunities in Singapore’s rapidly transforming retail landscape.


Specialty Stores

Departmental Stores

Fashion & Apparels

Health & Beauty

Home & Lifestyle

Grocery Retail

F&B Retail

FMCG Brands

Convenience Retail

This list expands every day.
We can't wait to add you to it!

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