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Total Retail Creations Solutions for
Grocery Stores

Store Type:
Supermarket, Hypermarket

Project Year:
2016 - Ongoing

Country / Region:

As one of our core business channels, Euroswift understands the wide variety of merchandising equipment grocery retailers need, especially in a fast paced, robust environment.

We've designed, customized & supplied countless Fresh & Chilled equipment; from centrepieces such as Produce Wagons, Launchers & Racks to details such as POP Communication accessories. Regardless of what we do, our objectives remain the same - helping retailers better merchandise their fresh produce, increase their operational efficiency & ultimately creating a fantastic shopping experience for all shoppers.


Project Range:
• Retail Creations Solutions
  for the Produce Section (Design & Build)
• Shopfitting Solutions
• Fresh & Chilled Merchandising
• Food Display Merchandising
• POP Communications
• On-Shelf Merchandising
• Off-Shelf Merchandising (Includes DMX)
• Operational Equipment

• Custom-made Decor Fixtures

Produce Wagons, Launchers & Racks: *NEW* Modified 2-Tier Wagon & End-Caps

Produce Wagons, Launchers & Racks: 2-Tier F&V Rack

Produce Wagons, Launchers & Racks: S-Wagon

Produce Wagons, Launchers & Racks: 3-Angle Wagon