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"I fear not the man who has practised 10,000 kicks once,
but I fear the man who has practised one kick 10,000 times."
- Bruce Lee

Shopfitting for a Specialty Store is all about Expectations. Since Customers are Product Experts, Retailers MUST select the best merchandising approach to display their specific product offering. They are not only targeting Casual Shoppers, but Opinion Leaders as well.


No matter which Retail arena you hail from, be it Departmental Stores, Health & Beauty Retail, Fashion Retail, Home & Lifestyle Retail, etc., we've got retail solutions for you.


S-Class Shelving

The most versatile Shelving Unit in the Euroswift Shopfitting range. Customizable attributes
& accessories to suit your needs.

• S&H-Class Shopfitting
• Shopfitting Accessories

B-Class Shelving

B-Class stands for Bespoke Class. We can Design & Build your dream Shelving Unit according
to your specific retail needs.

• B-Class Shopfitting
• Shopfitting Accessories

Display Tables,
Racks & Dump Bins

Off-Shelf Merchandising Equipment allows Retailers to effectively display promotional & new items, inducing shoppers' Impulse Purchase desire.


• Fashion Racks
• Dump Bins
• Display Tables
• Merchandising Stands, etc.

POP Comms Tools

Tools to effectively display
In-Store Communication such
as Product Price & Info.


• Price Rails & Branding Strips
• Frames Systems & Accessories
• Shelf Barkers
• Shelf Screamers
• Clips, Clamps, Hangers, Stands

• Category / Sub-Category Markers

Logistics &
Storage Solutions

Superb Logistics & Storage equipment increases Operational Efficiency, saves Time & Money!

• Shopping Trolleys
• Shopping Baskets
• Goods Trolley

DMX In-Queue Merchandising

Multi-Purpose, Modular Merchandising System specially designed to for In-Queue & Impulse Merchandising.

• DMX Bench Top Configuration
• DMX Slate Configuration
• DMX Grid Configuration
• DMX Display Matrix

Display, Engagement
& Outreach Solutions

Cutting-Edge technological solutions which help create a BETTER shopping experience for customers, thereby increasing customer volume.


• Hardware
   - Digital Signage, Menu, Panels
• Software
   - Live-Streaming
   - Call-To-Action App
• Service & Solutions
   - Retail Marketing & Publicity
   - Retail Event Management
   - Operations & Administration

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