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Grocery Retail

Merchandising Solutions for
Grocery Retail
(Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, Gourmet Stores, Convenience Stores, etc.)

Reliable Equipment for Everyday Use.
Yes, E-Commerce is popular, but nothing can replace
the quintessential experience of Grocery Shopping -
The Sight of vibrant fresh produce, the Smell of alluring roasts from the Deli Area, the Desire to pick something up from Impulse Merchandising stands.

As one of our core business channels, Euroswift understands the wide variety of merchandising equipment grocery retailers need, especially in a fast paced, robust environment. Let us share your load by Optimizing your Display Effectiveness & Operational Efficiency!


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Fresh & Chilled Merchandising

F&V Produce Wagons

Gorgeous, Multi-functional,
F&V Display Units, the must-have for every Grocery Store.

• Fixed Angle Wagon
• Sloped Wagon
• 3-Angle Wagon
• 2-Tier Wagon
• Assorted F&V Racks & End Caps


Fresh & Chilled Merchandising

F&V Produce Crates

Nestable, Stackable & Durable Produce Crates. Allows easy Handling, Storage, Cleaning & Transportation.


• Wood-Look Produce Crates

• Nestable Produce Crates

Fresh & Chilled Merchandising

Cross Board
& Accessories

Allows different configurations of F&V display, loose or pre-packed. Can it be adjusted to a gradient for better accessibility & reduce stock hold.


• Cross Board Display Stand

• Cross Board Accessories:
   Dividers, Risers, Trays, Hooks, etc.
• Other Fresh & Chilled Props

Fresh & Chilled Merchandising

Produce Baskets

Beautiful, Hygienic Poly-Wicker Baskets in a variety of shapes, sizes & colour.


• Round Basket Series

• Square Basket Series
• Bamboo-Look Baskets, etc.


Shelving Gondolas

From small Convenience Stores to large Hypermarkets, we have the Shelving Units & accessories to fit them all.


• C-Class Shopfitting
• S&H-Class Shopfitting
• B-Class Shopfitting
• R-Class Shopfitting
• Shopfitting Accessories

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Off-Shelf Merchandising

Promo Wagons

& Block-Stack

Off-shelf display units help to create a “carnival atmosphere” at all times, inducing impulse purchase desire in shoppers.


• Platforms
• Wagons
• Display Tables
• Merchandising Stands, etc.

Prima Gliding Track 1.jpg
On-Shelf Merchandising

Shelf-Management Systems
& Undershelf Lighting

Organize your Shelves with Dividers, Automate Merchandise Facing with Pushers, Highlight them with Undershelf Lighting.


• Dividers
• Manual Shelf-Management
   - Support, Risers, Pushers
• Auto Shelf Management
   - Auto Pushers, Gliders, Rollers

POP Communications

POP Comms Tools

Tools to effectively display
In-Store Communication such
as Product Price & Info.


• Price Rails & Branding Strips
• Frames Systems & Accessories
• Shelf Barkers
• Flip Charts
• Shelf Screamers
• Clips, Clamps, Hangers, Stands


4 Digital Menu & Signage 2.jpg
Digital Retail Solutions

Display, Engagement
& Outreach Solutions

Cutting-Edge technological solutions which help create a BETTER shopping experience for customers, thereby increasing customer volume.


• Hardware
   - Digital Signage, Menu, Panels
• Software
   - Live-Streaming
   - Call-To-Action App
• Service & Solutions
   - Retail Marketing & Publicity
   - Retail Event Management
   - Operations & Administration

Food Display Merchandising

Premium Melamine Displayware

High Quality, Innovative products and Food Display Solutions which are trusted by leaders in the food industry.


• Platters
• Bowls
• Gastro
• Collections
• Stands & Risers

Food Display Merchandising

Price Ticketing Printer

Directly print exquisite, Professional Food-Grade cards suitable for multiple applications.


• Card Printers & Software
• Card Printing Packages

Bulk Food.jpg
Food Display Merchandising

Bulk Food Display

For merchandising any free flowing product such as grains, nuts, powders, candy and more!


• Gravity Bin
• Scoop Bin
• Display Unit Customization

Operational Equipment

Logistics &
Storage Solutions

Superb Logistics & Storage equipment increases Operational Efficiency, saves Time & Money!


• Wood-Look Produce Crates
• Nestable Produce Crates
• Shopping Trolleys
• Shopping Baskets
• Goods Trolley

24 a.jpg
Operational Equipment

Asset Protection & Damage Prevention

Your store's Valuable Assets definitely need Protection in a Fast-Paced, Robust Retail Environment.


• Rail Systems
• Bumpers
• Corner Protection
• Back Room Protection
• Outdoor Trolley Bay

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DMX (Display Matrix System)

DMX In-Queue Merchandising

Multi-Purpose, Modular Merchandising System specially designed to for In-Queue & Impulse Merchandising.

• DMX Bench Top Configuration
• DMX Slate Configuration
• DMX Grid Configuration
• DMX Display Matrix

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