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Fashion Retail

Clothes maketh the man. Fashion Retail is one of the most glamorous & extravagant industries, never shying away from Media's spotlight. Its rapidly-changing landscape also makes it a challenge for Retailers to keep up, as Fashion Trends & New Product Lines come & go faster than the four seasons.

Hence, Retailers must always Go With The Flow & stay two steps ahead of the game by being Innovative. Regardless of Gender, Age, Genre & Product Range, let Euroswift ensure that your Fashion Retail Store never goes out of style.



S-Class Shelving

The most versatile Shelving Unit in the Euroswift Shopfitting range. Customizable attributes
& accessories to suit your needs.

• S&H-Class Shopfitting
• Shopfitting Accessories

B-Class Shelving

B-Class stands for Bespoke Class. We can Design & Build your dream Shelving Unit according
to your specific retail needs.

• B-Class Shopfitting
• Shopfitting Accessories

Display Tables,
Racks & Dump Bins

Off-Shelf Merchandising Equipment allows Retailers to effectively display promotional & new items, inducing shoppers' Impulse Purchase desire.


• Fashion Racks
• Dump Bins
• Display Tables
• Merchandising Stands, etc.

POP Comms Tools

Tools to effectively display
In-Store Communication such
as Product Price & Info.


• Price Rails & Branding Strips
• Frames Systems & Accessories
• Shelf Barkers
• Shelf Screamers
• Clips, Clamps, Hangers, Stands

• Category / Sub-Category Markers

Logistics &
Storage Solutions

Superb Logistics & Storage equipment increases Operational Efficiency, saves Time & Money!

• Shopping Trolleys
• Shopping Baskets
• Goods Trolley

DMX In-Queue Merchandising

Multi-Purpose, Modular Merchandising System specially designed to for In-Queue & Impulse Merchandising.

• DMX Bench Top Configuration
• DMX Slate Configuration
• DMX Grid Configuration
• DMX Display Matrix

Display, Engagement
& Outreach Solutions

Cutting-Edge technological solutions which help create a BETTER shopping experience for customers, thereby increasing customer volume.


• Hardware
   - Digital Signage, Menu, Panels
• Software
   - Live-Streaming
   - Call-To-Action App
• Service & Solutions
   - Retail Marketing & Publicity
   - Retail Event Management
   - Operations & Administration

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