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We're Exempted from Business Operations Suspension! Check out our COVID-19 Essential Products!

Exemption from Business Operations Suspension Being a proud supplier of Retail Equipment for the Essential Services Sector, Euroswift Retail Creations Pte. Ltd. has obtained our official Exemption from Business Operations Suspension from Singapore's Ministry of Trade & Industry. This means that we are able to continue supplying operational equipment & packaging materials from our range, which are critical for the grocery retail customers. Below is an official letter from our CEO, Mr. Thomas Tay:

Letter from CEO regarding our Exemption from Business Operations Suspension

COVID-19 Essential Equipment for Retail Outlets (Singapore)

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major disruptions to Singapore's Retail Scene. Not only are Non-Essential Retail Stores closed for a month, those Essential Retail Chains which are still in operation are occasionally understaffed, overwhelmed & have to ensure the successful adoption of new measures & regulations such as Social Distancing, Purchase Limitations & Crisis Stock Management.

Fortunately, Euroswift is here to provide a helping hand. We've specifically picked a COVID-19 Essential Equipment List, crucial for all retailers during this challenging period:


COVID-19 Essential Hygiene Material Supplies (Asia Pacific)

Protect your Staff, Protect your shoppers, Protect your Business! Take a look at our range of Essential Hygiene Material Supplies below on how to upgrade your store's Hygiene standards during & after this COVID-19 period!

For more information, please email us at , , or call us at +65 6298 9929. We'll try to respond as soon as we can. Remember, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Spirited. Better Days are coming ahead!

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